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onCE morE的同义词

again, anew, once again, over again 都可以.

再来一次 新增词组 once in a while 偶尔,隔些时候 once more 再来一次 once upon a time 很久很久以前 重新 more than once 不止一次 once more 重新,又 once upon a time 从前 再次 once in a while 偶尔、有时 once more 再次、又一次 once upon a time 很久以前 短语 once one more time 再一次 More then once, more than twice 更有那一次


once more : 再一次 例句与用法: 1. Arrive late once more and (ie If you arrive late once more) you're fired. 你再迟到一次, 就把你开除. 2. Let's sing it once more. 咱们再唱一次吧. 3. Could we go through (ie rehearse) Act 2 once more? 我们重排一次第二幕的戏好吗? 4. I would like to spend my holiday in Hawaii once more. 我想再去夏威夷度一次假.


Case万一In the unlikely event they are injured and how to do this?如果万一他们受了伤该怎么办?

近意词是as soon as possible 是马上、立刻的意思

repeat(重述), retell(再讲一遍) 可以算是近义词,都是动词once more(再次), again(又、再), 近义词,都是副词


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