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One more time 网络释义 One more time:再一次|再一次拥抱你|再爱一次 only one more time:只要再一次 Byby one more time:爱的初告白

one ,意思是一,more,多于超过,time,次数,、 one more time,多于一次,意思就是,再来一次.one more time 再一次;再来一次;例句1.Be sure that you're going to do it at least one more time.确信你至少会再做一次.2.I've learned . . .

one more是一种隐含的比较级,指在原有的基础上另外再加一个,所以one more time的意思是在原有的次数上“再来一次”.

歌名是one more night


歌曲:one more time 歌手:Craig David 填词:Craig David 谱曲:Craig David 歌词 One, two, three, four five 一二三四五 Doesn't matter how many time I try 无论我尝试多少次 Can't be without your love 都不能没有你的爱 So I'm not giving up, no,

Baby one more time by:Britney Spears (oh baby baby) (oh baby baby) oh baby baby how was i supposed to know that something was't right here oh baby baby i shouldn't have let you go and now you're out of sight,yeah show me how you want it to be

one more =once more 又一,再一 one more time 可以翻译成“又一次;再一次”.需要强调的是,“又一次”指的是“一次又一次..”

When You Believe(指定曲目) - Whitney Houston&Mariah Carey Many nights we pray with no proof anyone could hear 许多夜晚我们曾恳切祈祷,不能证明任何人可以听到 And our heart's a hopeful song we barely understood 我们的心如一阕希 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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