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only teardrops背景音乐或Paradise都有点像

组合Two Door Cinema Club的歌 歌名是 Sun 《sun》Ocean blue What have I done to you Cut so deep Yet growing through and through Drawn apart New York and London All I see now Are distant drumlins The roads I knew Became a city And I

百岁山广告歌曲:only teardrops歌手:emmelie de forest

only teardrops 只有眼泪 请采纳 如果你认可我的回答,敬请及时采纳,~如果你认可我的回答,请及时点击【采纳为满意回答】按钮 ~~手机提问的朋友在客户端右上角评价点【满意】即可.~你的采纳是我前进的动力 ~~O(∩_∩)O,记得好评和采纳,互相帮助


《How long》 -- Tarja Turunenonly teardrops

only teardrops 背景音乐


1. Teardrops Overture 0:472. Hunter & Prey 3:293. Change 3:594. Only Teardrops 3:025. What Are You Waiting For 3:366. Haunted Heart 3:357. Force of Nature 3:438. Beat the Speed of Sound 3:509. Soldier of Love 3:2510. Running In My Sleep 3:3811. Let It Fall 3:4912. Only Teardrops (Symphonic version) 3:18

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