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pAnDAs ConCAt join

Python编程将多个文件合并,代码如下: #例子:合并a.txt、b.txt、c.txt合并成d.txt文件 #文件列表,遍于读取 flist = ['a.txt','b.txt','c....

That's probably as efficient as any, but Pandas/numpy structures are fundamentally not suited for efficiently growing. They work best when they are created with a fixed size and stay that way. – BrenBarnDec 6 '12 at 20:43 appen...

在最后加上engine='python'就可以了,即 users = pd.read_table('users.dat', sep='::',header = None, names = unames , engine = 'python')

import pandas as pda = pd.read_table('a.txt')b = pd.read_table('b.txt')c = pd.read_table('c.txt')pd.concat([a,b,c],axis=1)...

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