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pArtnErs in CrimE By sEt it oFF 求歌词

Mariah Carey - Shake it Off Taken from the 2005 album "The Emancipation of Mimi" Everybody just, everybody just bounce, bounce, check it Everybody just, everybody just bounce, bounce I gotta shake it off Cause the loving ain't the same And

Partners in crimeYou'll never take us aliveWe swore that death will do us partThey'll call our crimes a work of artYou'll never take us aliveWe'll live like spoiled royaltyLovers and partnersPartners in crimeThis a tale of reckless loveLiving a life of crime

楼主大人,您要找的歌是Set it Off 和ash Costello对唱的单曲partners in crime如果这些信息能够帮到楼主大人,请亲爱的楼主大人在百忙之中记得采纳我的回答,谢谢楼主大人,祝楼主大人仙福永享,寿与天齐.新春快乐!


不知道也!! 但是可以介绍几首歌给你 记得全部听呦! 我觉得好听的!! brave i need your love blow me a kiss treat me right 这首是后街的 i need you 这首是西街的 如果呼唤你 少女时代的 i don't cry 这首是英文名 但不是英文的 你听下也不错哦! 丁丁的

这首歌的名字叫: Primetime Sexcrime 表达的意思似乎是性犯罪类电视节目对观众们的影响, Confess: you did it for sex And all you say today is that it was a blast I'll spend the rest of my time thinking'bout the implication of the crime I try

You've been caught and they've got the evidence Not a word can you say in your defense The D.A. says he's built a solid case You've been caught so you might as well confess Tell the judge get in all right off your chest Guilty as charged, you'll answer

歌曲名:Set It Off歌手:Timomatic专辑:I Love Music FMShuvel - Set It Off制作人-百鬼夜行(王鲁狄)Turn it up frontI'm turning headsSpeaking to the corrupt youthprime time for the bloodshedThe impeccable minds embedded with the

Driving down the boulevardShe pulls up in her daddy's car, top downShe's got friends and I've gone mineBut I got nothing on my mindRockin' out to my favorite songsThat's all I really needWould it be better if you rolled with me?We've got

Primetime Sexcrime 黄金时间性犯罪 演唱: Earphones Ye ye ye ye! O! 耶耶耶耶! 呕! Ye ye ye ye! O! 耶耶耶耶! 呕! Ye ye ye ye! O! 耶耶耶耶! 呕! Ye ye ye ye! O! 耶耶耶耶! 呕! Confess, you did it for sex 从实招来, 你是为了性才

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