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你打错字了 应该是 preserverance 一般是指生态保护区

perserverance leads to success 坚持就是胜利双语例句1Unemployment leads to a sense of uselessness, to say nothing offinancial problems.失业会让人觉得自己一无是处,更何况还会带来经济问题.2Overuse of those drugs, coupled with poor diet, leads to physicaldegeneration.过量使用那些药物再加上饮食缺乏营养,导致健康状况恶化.

为您解答Which在名词性从句里有表疑问“哪一个”的意思,可这里没有疑问的意思,而是在陈述句里做主语,表示的是the thing


恒心héngxīn 持之以恒的毅力;坚持达到目的或执行某项计划的决心 持久不变的意志 指人所常有的善良本心 有恒心者.《孟子梁惠王上》基本解释1. [perserverance]∶持之以恒的毅力;坚持达到目的或执行某项计划的决心你要是没有恒心可学不好2. [constancy of purpose]∶持久不变的意志3. [be good and honest]∶指人所常有的善良本心有恒心者.《孟子梁惠王上》因无恒心.苟无恒心.

基本解释 听语音1. [perserverance]∶持之以恒的毅力;坚持达到目的或执行某项计划的决心你要是没有恒心可学不好2. [constancy of purpose]∶持久不变的意志3. [be good and honest]∶指人所常有的善良本心有恒心者.《孟子梁惠王上》因无恒心.苟无恒心.

everone has a dream,but dream won't come true on everyone,it is not a matter of how hard the dream would be carried out,is people always give up on the half of their ways.they always plead the "hard" in excuse of giving dreams up easily.while i

long days ago ,i want to be a scientist because i think being a scientist is great and a honor of me . so ,i should do something helpful to help myself achieve my dream . first , i should study hard . it is very important for me to get good greads and get

恒心是指做事情不能半途而费 决心是指你下定目标去努力奋斗的动力 毅力是指做事情有始有终


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