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places and activities场所与活动They allow 24-hour viewing of a wide array of places and activities around the world.它们能够让人廿四小时观看全世界许多不同的地方和活动.The necessary documentation was exchanged with the Programme in

weedends应该是weekendsThe school should offer the students more places for activities after class and over the weekends.

ctivities after ClassI am a primary school student. In school, too. My school encourages students to do exercise after class. So my school provides us many places and equipment. I like taking part in various activities after class. It makes me happy,

课后活动 Activities after Class I am a primary school student. In school, I have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. Usually, the classes are over at about half past four. So I have much time to have fun. We students have many

因为名胜古迹总是让人心驰神往有兴趣的,所以place of interest可以解释成让人有兴趣的地方,逐渐就翻译成了名胜古迹

To love someone , you have to love the place, the environment and activities.

Build a Harmonious Society Dear fellow students, Our government is going to build a harmonious society. I think it is everyones duty to work hard to achieve this goal. As high school students, what should we do ? First of all, we should love our

My name is XX and I'm from Beijing,China.I'll be coming to your school for a short study vacation this year.I'd like to know more about your school and the courses i can take.First,I would like to find out ecactly how long the course is and when it will

IV. 短文改错 I think university life is a time for learning and experiencing new things. I can meet "Hi^ other young people like me from many differ?ent places and can make

Hainan is a beautiful and warm place.The price of the hotels is 320 yuan a night .In Hainan,people can go swimming,sightseeing.and boating in the sea.I want to visit there by plane because it is fast.

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