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real-time online 实时在线 句筛选1.Having real-time online requests on the order of 20, 000 to 50, 000 per secondwould break a typical mainframe environment.每秒20,000到50,000的实时在线请求会导致典型的大型机环境崩溃.2.Real time online access to your account balance and transaction history.提供账户余额和交易历史的实时网上查询.

名词 n. 1.现实;真实[u] he is out of touch with reality. 他脱离现实. 2.事实,实际存在的事物[c] his dream has become a reality. 他的梦想已成为现实. 3.逼真[u] 4.【哲】实在[u]

real-time kinematic实时运动双语例句1A case in point in civil is Real-time Kinematic ( RTK).实时动态定位(RTK?Real-time Kinematic)就是其一个典型的民用实例.2Research on Workspace Analysis and Real-time Kinematic Simulation ofParallel Machine Tool并联机床工作空间分析及实时运动仿真的研究

out of order英 [at v 'd] 美 [at v 'rdr] 释义:无次序的; 混乱的; 有毛病的; 出故障的out of order的用法和样例:例句My clock is out of order and waked me up at 3 this morning.我的闹钟坏了,今天早晨3点就把我叫醒了.My

Order details词典释义Order details例句此外,他们拥有同样的实时账户余额和新订单详情查询.In addition, they have the same realtime account balance, and play-by-play view of incoming orders.


book order下订单 图书订单;书籍知订购;订单确认 双语例句1Design of Real-time Book Order System Based on WAP基于WAP的实时购书系道统的设计与实现2The book order business process consists of six activities which may need to be executed.书籍订购业务流专程由可以执行的六个活动组成.属


进程文件: rtvscan or rtvscan.exe 进程名称: Symantec Real Time Virus Scan service 进程类别:应用进程 英文描述: rtvscan.exe is an executable of the Symantec Internet Security Suite. It is responsible for the execution of real-time virus-


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