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recommend[英][rekmend][美][rkmnd] vt.推荐; 劝告; 使显得吸引人; 托付; vi.推荐; 建议; 第三人称单数:recommends过去分词:recommended现在进行时:recommending过去式:recommended 例句:1.I'll recommend

recommend意思:vt. 推荐;建议;劝告;使受欢迎;使可取1、读音英 [rek'mend] ,美 [rek'mend] 2、单词变形形容词: recommendable,名词: recommender,过去式: recommended,过去词: recommended,现在分词:

1. 推荐,介绍[(+as/for)][O1] Can you recommend me some new books on this subject? 你能推荐一些有关这个学科的新书给我吗? 2. 建议,劝告[O2][+v-ing][+that] I recommend you to comply with safety regulations. 我劝你遵守安全规则. 3.

recommend 英[,rek'mend] 美[,rk'mnd] vt. 1.推荐, 介绍, 赞许某人[某事物] 2.劝告, 建议 3.(特质等)使…显得可取 4.使显得吸引人;使受欢迎

recommend [,rek'mend] vt. 劝告;推荐,介绍;使受欢迎;托付e799bee5baa6e58685e5aeb931333262356165 vi. 推荐;建议 recommend [,rek'mend] vt.1. 推荐,荐举;介绍;称赞:例句: She recommended us another restaurant.她向我

recommend 英[rekmend] 美[rkmnd] vt. 推荐; 劝告; 使显得吸引人; 托付; vi. 推荐; 建议; [例句]I have just spent a holiday there and would recommend it to anyone 我刚刚在那里度过假,很想把它推荐给每一个人.



recommend的中文翻译 及物动词 vt.1.推荐,介绍[(+as/for)][O1] Can you recommend me some new books on this subject?你能推荐一些有关这个学科的新书给我吗?2.建议,劝告[O2][+v-ing][+that] I recommend you to comply with safety

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