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Forever Young - We Will Rock You 法国小学生的摇滚童话《FOREVER YOUNG》整张专辑 . 1. We Will Rock You 2. I love rock n roll 3. Forever young 4. Walk like an Egyptian 5. Should I stay or should I go 6. Wot 7. Tainted love

如果打不开你可以去 的MP3里输入童声 we will rock you就可以了!

[00:14.01]We're causin nutter devastation [00:15.69]When we step in to the place [00:16.76]And better believe that you can see [00:18.21]We're gonna rock and never stop [00:19.35]And here we go again [00:20.64]Hit you with the flow again [00:

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《We Will Rock You 》童声版是Forever Young 摇滚童话 唱的,百度mp3加入关键字“Forever Young”就能搜到. 试听下载:

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day You got mud on yo' face You big disgrace Kickin' your can all over the place Singin' 'We will we will rock you We will we will rock you' Buddy you're a young man

是不是这首啊? We're causin nutter devastation When we step in to the place And better believe that you can see We're gonna rock and never stop And here we go

是<we will rock you>的童声版吧,在百度mp3里就能搜到

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