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s v o Do造句

leave11.离开(某处)[(+for)] Mr. Smith left the room at two o'clock. 史密斯先生两点离开房间.e69da5e887aa62616964757a686964616f313332623465382.离开(某人)的身边;遗弃,离弃 Her husband has left her. 她的丈夫把她遗弃了.

She gave me a book.

I like butterflies.He ate an apple.I have a book.I am a student.My sister didn't do her homework.S+v+o表示主语+谓语+宾语一般句子结构都是这样的

S为主语 V为谓语 O为宾语 此句型为英语5种基本句型当种的一种 举例:He opened the door. 句中 he 为主语opened为谓语the door是宾语

s+v+o s=subject(主语) v=verb(谓语动词) o=object(宾语) .主+谓+宾 是最基本的一个语法结构 eg:i eat apple. 我 subject(主语) 吃verb(谓语动词) 苹果object(宾语) 主+系+表 s+v+p s=subject(主语) v=verb(谓语动词,也称为系

S V 主 谓 【例】Time flies. I see. You can. He says.S V O 主 谓 宾 【例】I have a pen. I have an apple.S V P 主 系 表 ,表语可以是形容词或介词 【例】They are wonderful. 或 I am here. 或 The book is interesting.

1. there will be 根据表达的需要,在There与 be之间用上恰当的情态动词can,may,must,should,will等,构成:There will /may/must/can,etc. be 请看: There will be another bridge across the Yellow River with the quick development of the economy of

1, s+ v 2, s+v+p 3, s+v+ino + do 4, s+ v + o + c 5, s + v + o

1.The swan is swimming. S +V2.The reserve gives wildlife an ideal home. S +V +间宾 +直宾3.The students are counting the birds. S +V +O4.Birdwatching is interesting. 主 系 表

SV是Super Veloce的缩写,在意大利语就是超级快速的意思,简称超速.

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