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sEt in stonE什么意思

Set in stone 网络:一成不变; [例句]Of course, we are still testing and balancing this, and nothing is set in stone. 在这方面我们仍然在做测试和平衡方面的的工作,没有什么是板上钉钉的。

set in stone 的字面意思是 “固定到石头里面”,相当于汉语的 “铁板钉钉”,其实就是 “一成不变”、“已成定论”、“不容更改”。

绝对是一成不变的,我太兴奋了 absolutely set in stone,i am so excited

be set in stone 英[bi: set in stəun] 美[bi sɛt ɪn ston] [词典] 一成不变的,不可更改的; [例句]Nor would it be set in stone. 这项协议也不会是板上钉钉的。

She sat me down and told me how My eyes reveal a secret now You're souls been hiding in a cloud so scared of change Your heart has got to learn to cry (to shed a tear) Before it grows its' wings to fly (away from here) Everythi...

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