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选c两者中的任何一个 every指三者或三者以上 both要在side后加复数

side 英 [saɪd] 美 [saɪd] n.面,边; 方面; 侧面; 旁边 adj.侧面的; 旁边的; 次要的,枝节的; 副的 vi.支持,同意; 偏袒; 附和; 站在…一边 词形转换 复数: sides 过去式: sided 过去分词: sided 现在分词: siding 第三人...



at the side of the road

at the side of the road意思是 在马路边 on the side of the road意思是在路的一边 by the side of the road意思是在路的旁边 例句 Left for dead by the side of the road two years ago, it has quietly rehabilitated itself and now stands...

选C each 指的是“每一”,总数没有限制 either指的是“两者中的每一”,总数是二。

He said I was hard-working. 他说我工作很努力 There are some trees on either side of the road.路的每一边都有很多树

歌曲名:down by the side of the road 歌手:John Prine 专辑:pink cadillac Her Father was a failure Her Mother was a comfort To a doctor and lawyer and Indian Chief. The shirt ran out of buttons He lost all his marbles at a basebal...

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