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too young sometimes naive, 是江爷爷之前说的,意思是你们太年轻有时就过于天真了

sometimes naive 有时天真 双语例句 1 Yeah, too simple, sometimes naive. 是的,那很简单,有时很天真。


"I did not say we've internally appointed (Chee-hwa Tung). You want to ask me if I support Mr. Tung, I said I support him." "Re-election will still have to follow the (Hong Kong) Basic Law! Of course, our decision is very impor...

有时太天真 naive 英[naɪˈi:v] 美[nɑˈiv] adj. 天真的; 幼稚的; 单纯的; 例句: Although mr lacey is well informed, the political analysis is sometimes naive. 莱西先生虽然是消息灵通,但政治分析有时却显得幼稚。

i'm angry,你这样是不行的。我今天得罪了你一下

too yong,sometimes too naive 太年轻,有时候太天真了 双语对照 例句: 1. Drinks too much and the same appeared irritable, ji yong morphine sedation in order to avoid any serious suppression of the central nervous and respiratory ...


sometimes naive 有时候 天真的 重点词汇释义 naive 天真的; 单纯的。

太年轻太简单,时而天真。 naive 英[naɪˈi:v] 美[nɑˈiv] adj. 天真的; 幼稚的; 单纯的; [例句] Einstein was condemned as naive but his comment might still be true. 有人指责爱因斯坦天真,但他的想法可能仍然是对的。 But b...

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