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大学就像人生一样.大一 freshman 新生 ,就像小孩子对一切陌生好奇,充分的学习;大二 sophomore 二年级 渐渐长大 ,学会懂得的更多;大三junior 青少年,成熟许多,旭日东升,更多的成长;大四senior 成年,大四即将毕业,也是一个人

2015年2月24日前后,一部由成龙代言的曾被工商部打假的广告再次被网友们挖出来进行了新一轮恶搞.而这次恶搞的主要内容则是将成龙和庞麦郎的《我的滑板鞋》进行了神一般的同步成《我的洗发水》[1] ,一句“Duang”成了网络上最新最热门的词语.词语来源“拍这洗头水广告的时候,其实我是拒绝的”这句经典的广告台词许多人并不陌生,这是04年成龙代言某洗发水的广告词,这部曾被工商部打假的广告再次被网友们挖出来进行了新一轮恶搞.而这次恶搞的主要内容则是将成龙和庞麦郎的《我的滑板鞋》进行了神一般的同步,一句“Duang”成了网络上最新最热门的词语.

i am a freshman (sophomore). At school i have class of english, mathematics, computer labs (tec), and many other types of classes. My English teacher is a young man (woman) who just graduated from college, and his (her) english is pretty good.

From nanjing university,a college student,his name is wood light,classmate gave him "bare branches" from university.He read the sophomore in ntu started a relationship

Playoff:复赛;季后赛,即常规赛结束后各联盟(职棒,职篮) 的前八名的淘汰赛.

I am a freshman , come from the college of economics and management , I major in I am good at drawing and also good at play guitar . I know those sophomore students


hello my name is xx.i am proud of i can introduce myseif to you name is xx,this is a very general name.i am from xx school.i am not good at Englisn,but i aiways like it.A lazy youth, a lousy age.( 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲.)i will learn Englisn earnestly .

Early December 1891 in the United States in Springfield, Mass., YMCA International Training School (later to Springfield College), the school physical education teachers from Dr. James Naismith invented, then only 13 rules of basketball, Dr.


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