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《Such A Beautiful Girl》如此美丽的一个女孩 She writes songs at night After everyone has turned out the lights Though she's still young She's had a hard life And she's not giving up believing in fate And it makes a person stron...


是不是nothing on you 啊,第一句是“beautiful girls all over the world”

such a (an) +(形容词)+单数名词 (如此...) such也可以用来修饰不可数名词或名词复数 such 英 [ sʌtʃ ]美 [ sʌtʃ ] adj. 这样的;如此的;这么大的;非常的; pron. 这样的事物[人];

such a beautiful girl 一个如此美丽的女孩 such a 这样的一个 如此一个 例句: 1. Such a body does exist. 这样的机构确实存在。 2. Can such a system work? 这样一种体制行得通吗?

B. that 固定用法 such. ...that. ..如此……以致……

D 情态动词辨析题。A. need 需要B. may 允许 C. shall 请求意见D. should 表示出乎意料“竟然”句意:我真的想象不到这么漂亮的女孩竟然十分粗鲁。 根据语境选D


是感叹句 What a beautiful girl she is! How beautiful the girl is! 么? 如果是such/so的话,直接such a beautiful girl /so beautiful a girl就行了 such修饰名词,如果是不可数名词,就不用a/an

A person need not forget that love, even have separate, she is beyond the memories of your life

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