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advice to do suggest doing 动词suggest有如下一些用法: 一、 有"建议"的意思.advise也有此义,请比较它们用法的异同: 1) 都可接名词作宾语 She suggested / advised an early start. 她建议早一点出发. We suggested / advised a visit to the

suggest doing sth建议 suggest (虚拟语气)sb (should) do sth暗示 suggest注意与advise 的区别, advise sb to do sth

1) 相同点 都可表示建议做某事, advise与suggest后面都可接名词/动名词/ that从句(should加动词原形,should可以省略).例如: 他建议(我们)再等一会儿. He advised/ suggested waiting a bit longer. He advised/ suggested (our) waiting

how about Why not.? Why don't you.? do you think maybe. in my opinion would you mind + doing what about 3you'd better do if I were you, I would do I suggest that what if for instance lets say if/that so if Shall we? Can we .. It is recommended to do sth If you do .it will be better

1.what about doing sth ?2.why don't you +v? 3.why not +v? 4.shall we +v .? 5.let's +v. 都是用来表示提出建议的句型, 手工完成,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

意思为“建议”时:advice 不可数名词 suggestion 可数名词advise sb to do sthsuggest sb(宾格) doing sth 或 suggest sb(主格) (should) do ,should 可以省略例如: I suggested him going home. I suggested he should go home.= I suggested he go home.=

棂上的解释太详细了,我说简单点:suggest和advise的意思和用法几乎相同.但有一点区别是很明显的advise sb to dosuggest sb doing这两个结构记住,两者的主要区别就知道了.

1. How / What about doing sth?2. Shall we do sth?3. Why not do sth?4. Why don't you do sth?5. Let's do sth6. You'd better do sth7. You should do sth8. You are supposed to do sth 》》》》》良师益友伴你行 团队为你解答《《《《《 欢迎追问~望采纳\(^o^)/~

不定式 suggest to do advise to do

表达建议的句型:Why don't youLet's What aboutHow aboutWhy notYou'd betterYou ought toYou shouldYou shouldHadn't you bet表达观点的句型:I think As

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