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把他从他的脚上扫掉 例句 例句 1. She swept him off his feet as soon as they met. 他们一见面,她就把他给迷住了。


be swept off one's feet 横扫。。。。。 双语对照 例句: 1. To sawing off men's feet? 转变到给人锯腿的? 2. Or the one that fell 10 feet off the bleachers? 还是从10米看台上掉下来那个?

这个句子的结构稍微复杂一点,有两个谓语动词:swept 和 sent,crashing into the courtyard below 是补充说明sent的效果,不是谓语动词,因此必须用ing分词结构。不知道说清楚了没有。

sweep sb. off their feet 是个固定搭配,英文释义是to make sb. fall suddenly and deeply in love with you(牛津高阶), 即是某人立刻迷上自己,使某人对自己一见倾心。 这句话的意思是:我对你一见钟情。

we swept off leaes and picked up rubbish in the square 我们被留下,拿起垃圾在广场


花心【英文版】歌词 Oh darling,when I met you I know you're the one for me there you are,smiling sweetly and you swept me off my feet ...

我中文不是太好,有些不太确定... :) 她给我读了他留下的纸条 在她走后偷偷溜进她的房间 把花瓣撒(洒?)在地上 他们走过走廊时,她的头在他的...

north Africa, Brazil, an island off the coast of Venezuela and back to ...island, but he is almost swept away, and does not make the attempt ...

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