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thE ChinEsEmAn suCk my CoCk! ComE on FAt BitCh!!

fuck you bastard! Before you write or speak English, at least you need to learn how to express properly. Don't be an asshole, or Chinese people will beat the shit out of your ass.

what is the chinese for"he who does not go to the great wall is not a trun man? 他不去长城不是一个真正的中国人是什么? 不到长城非好汉。 To the Great Wall is not a true man. Not to the Great Wall is not a good man. He who doesn...

这是个演讲The Ugly Chinaman 是一个台湾人的演讲 一下是原文 Some while ago a friend gave me a translated copy of the late Chinese essayist Bo Yang's (柏杨) speech--The Ugly Chinaman (丑陋的中国人)--delivered at the Iowa Universit...

China man 目前被视为是一种蔑视的称呼,何况只有指中国的男性, Chinese则广泛用于中国人,华人的称呼。

真的,有的万斯鞋子,是别的国家生产的,有印尼,越南,等等(men us 9和women us10.5)你是的在左右,生产是在鞋底的!

Hey everyone!I am R.L.May be you think I am an Englishman or a American,But I am a Chinese!OK,I am going to talk about an American film.I trust that there are so many guys have seen it.That film is .I love that film so much.B...

这故事到处有香车和美人 在这里我扮演发生的可能 这故事到处有香车和美人 在这里我扮演发生的可能 汽车展览会每年都举行 陈列各种新车五花八门 汽车展览会每年都举行 陈列各种新车五花八门 concise was envisioned when I represent the time 丝...



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