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I live in the city of Shanghai. I think Shanghai is beautiful. Climate is pleasant. I used to live in Wuhan. The weather there is very terriable. Shanghai is an international city. Transportation is convenient and fast. There a...

定语从句 that指city live是不及物动词,后跟宾语要加介词in live in 住在……


应该填live 这句话的时态是一般现在时,主语为I,即第一人称 在一般现在时中,第一人称做主语,谓语动词用原型;只有第三人称单数(He、She、It)做主语时,谓语动词才用三单形式

I live in city 中文意思是, 我住在这个城市。

否定句I don't live in a city.

The city where I live in.

Today there are many people who want to live in the city,they like to busy busy place,usually in work tired to relax.But some people are like to live in the suburbs,they like to live quietly,every morning breath of fresh breath...

你好! i live in the happy city 我住在幸福的城市

翻译:我住在中国的一个小城市里。 live in 英 [liv in] 美 [liv ɪn] 释义:住在学习[工作]的地方;住在(某地);存在于…;为…而生存。 例句: They bought an old schoolhouse to live in and built a workshop in the basement. 他们买...

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