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三个都是副词:Truely 真正地,真实地Madly 精神失常地,发狂地Deeply 深深地

beautiful,中文翻译:美丽的;好的;出色的 读音:英 [bju:tfl]美 ['bjtfl] 词汇搭配:1、quite beautiful 十分美2、calmly beautiful 平静的美3、charmingly beautiful 娇媚妖娆4、daintily beautiful 娇艳的美5、distractingly beautiful 美得令人魂

truly dead中文的意思是:真的死了.


listen baby 听着,宝贝 i wonder why sometimes we fall apart ..oh yeah 我纳闷为什么有些时候我们会闹矛盾 together we are so wonderfullyeah baby 我们在一起是多么完美的事情. and every single day i pray, that really things shouldn't never be

Addicted: a. 沉溺于某种嗜好中的Examples:1. He is addicted to alcohol. 他嗜好喝酒.2. Smokers who inhale are likely to become addicted to nicotine. 吸烟的人容易对尼古丁上瘾.3. He's hooked on (ie addicted to) speed. 他使用安非他明已成瘾.

truely(真实地), deeply(深深地), madly(疯狂地) I'm counting on A new beginning 我依靠着一个新的开始 The tears of joy for all the pleasure in the certainty 为了所有的欢愉,肯定会流下快乐的眼泪 That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of The highest powers 四周有大力保护和安慰我们

Listen baby 听,宝贝.


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