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Understand is a static analysis toolfor maintaining, measuring, & analyzingcritical or large code bases.Understand是一款分析大型软件工程的有力工具,由Scitools发行。 Understand集成了代码编辑器,代码跟踪器和代码分析器,提供了很强...

Understand is a static analysis toolfor maintaining,measuring,& analyzingcritical or large code bases.Understand是一款分析大型软件工程的有力工具,由Scitools发行. Understand集成了代码编辑器,代码跟踪器和代码分析器,提供了很强大的界...

Unit 14 TEXT Ⅰ Cultural Encounters Susan Bassnett 1. In what language are you usually surfing at Internet websites? 2. What fun do you find on Internet? We live in an age of easy access to the rest of the world. 我们生活在一个...

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