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My heart is so proud.我是如此骄傲My mind is so unfocused.但我的精神又是如此涣散I see the things You do through me我仿佛看到了那些我曾帮你做的事情And now You gently break me,但如今你就那么温柔地让我心碎了Then lovingly You take

[图文] to come to us when we're unfocused. If you are one of those energetic morning people, your most inventive time comes in the early evening when you are relaxed. Sleepy people's lack of focus leads to an

My heart is so proud.My mind is so unfocused.I see the things You do through meAnd now You gently break me,Then lovingly You take me Andhold me as my Father and mold me as my Maker.I ask You: "How many times will You pick me up,When I



我的心是如此骄傲 我的意念是如此涣散 我看到你通过我做的事情 和我做的一样好 And now You gently break me, 如今你温柔地将我破碎 then lovingly You take me 然后又爱怜地带我在你身边 and hold me as my father 你如父亲般拥抱我 and

Laura Story Grace My heart is so proud.我是如此骄傲 My mind is so unfocused.但我的精神又是如此涣散 I see the things You do through me 我仿佛看到了那些我曾帮你做的事情 And now You gently break me,但如今你就那么温柔地让我心碎了

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