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I win(won) a national prize for painting last week .My father was so pleasing(pleased) that he suggested I go to England for a holiday .I" d like to staying(stay) there for a holiday .I" d like

Although the study sample is a small ,尽管研究样品很小and there are probably number of factor that would result in preference for combined skin-care products .但是或许有大量的因素能导致(人们)更倾向

更正在括号处注明!不排除楼主有打字错误.Dear Li Lei,Thanks for (your) letter.I might get (used) to the life of new school gradually.Food here (is) very delicious every day and the school is close to the

1]Fred's closet is ( B).A、upset B、empty C、full D、repairing2]Fred is ( A ).A、at home B、at work C、at school D、in the shop3]Fred's shirts are ( A ).A、dirty B、clean C、wet D、dry4]He's looking for a pair of ( B ).A、jackets B、pants C、gloves D、shoes5] The weather is ( A ).A、not very good B、beautiful C、ssunny D、windy

16.Three17.One and a half million yuan 18.One hour and eleven minutes.19.To make the lemon trees survive and grow well.20 The Agricultural Research Service of Liaoning Province

I Carry Your Heart with Meby E.E.CummingsI carry your heart with me我把你的心带着I meant你是日月星辰的意义Here is the deepest secret no one knows这里有个无人知

1. Ask for more food, forget to turn off the lights. 2. (1) We'll be short of resources. (fresh water, coal or oil.) (2) We'll have nothing to use and nowhere to move. / What can we use in the future and where can we move? 3. 我认为我们应该对那些天天浪费东西的学生说不. 4. 如果我们都尽力的话,将来有一天浪费就不会发生了. 5. Stop wasting / No more wasting 答案不唯一

1 D,the exit of"的出口"2 A,which one“哪一个”3 C,see sb do sth4 tidily,副词,修饰put away5 noisiest,形容词最高级,修饰one6 don't you7 big enough

I will prove myself to have ability to be a chairman ofstudent union.此句很罗嗦 可改成 I'm here to prove that I'm the best choice for the chairman of the student union.想表达我曾是学生会一员 应该是 I

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