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有主语和谓语的,只是省略了 What a great day it is!

后者对 对于形容词的感叹句用How引导 如果是接名词的感叹句就用What如 What a great paiting it was! 那是多么伟大的一幅画啊!

是what great fun 因为fun 是抽象名词,不能加a, 没有a great fun 的用法 即使是抽象名词具体化中,也不存在have a great fun 的用法 感叹句(exclamation ;Exclamatory sentences)是指抒发强烈感情,表示感叹语气的句子。感叹句有多种表现形式...

Today feels better than yesterday!The past few weeks it had been like rain on a dull dead day and i wasn't able to get things through but now God is finally answering my prayers.I get so impatient but remember guys "A prayer on...

What a great 在感叹句中等于 How great a 。如:What a great man he is! = How great a man he is!(他是一个多么伟大的人啊!)

what a great time it is. 因为有短语:have a great/good time。

what a..........what+a/an+adj....固定用法的

how great day!在这我用了what与how的转换,这是最佳转换了。


what great fun . fun是抽象名词,不能具体化,所以不能加a. what a great time. time是抽象名词被具体化。

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