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whErE ArE thEy At thE BrEAk timE是什么意思

Where are they at the break time? 他们在休息时间在哪里? 重点: break time 休息时间 双语例句 Let me answer this briefly now, I'm happy to chat more during break time. 现在我来简要地回答这个问题,我很愿意在休息时间做进一步讨论。

stress at break 拉伸强度 According to the problem of current evaluation methods of flexibility, a newevaluation method that using stress-strain curve and elongation at break toevaluate the film flexibility was developed. 针对当...

elongation at break of 10-180% 在10-180 %伸长率 ------------------------------ 希望能够帮到您! 满意请采纳,谢谢~

elongation at break 英[ɪˌlɔ:ŋˈgeɪʃən æt breik] 美[ɪˌlɔŋˈɡeʃən æt brek] [释义]断裂伸度,扯断伸长率; [网络]扯断伸长率; 破坏时伸长量; 断裂伸长; [...

是不h是Kelly Clarkson--Already Gone 歌词: remember all the things we wanted 我们想要记得过去的一r切5 now all our memories, they're haunted ...

叫Angel Westlife: Angel Spend all your time waiting for that second chance, for a break that would make it okay. There's always one reason to feel not good enough, and it's hard at the end of the day. I need some distraction oh...

at break 意为“在休息时间,在课间” 我认为应该是 When did Mr.Wang have an apple?

on the edge of 这个是比较直白的翻译 或者 on the verge of (濒临。。。,也就是在,,,边沿的意思了) 遗失的meng 为你解答。

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