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why ChinEsE pEoplE这什么意思

why chinese people 为什么中国人 A: Many Westerners don ' t understand why Chinese people eat dogs. A:许多西方人对中国人吃狗肉很不理解。 I want to ask why Chinese people bother to have a mouth in their body? 我就想问中国人干嘛...

整句翻译:中国人通常都结婚比较早。为什么你还一直单身? 详细翻译:Chinese people 中国人;get marriage 结婚;early 早;why 为什么;you 你;still 还,一直;single 单身 解决方案:你可以打开有道词典,或者金山词霸,将一个个单次复制,...




The Spring Festival is the biggest festival for Chinese people all around the world. The celebration usually lasts for 15 days. There is a lot to do.      On the eve of the Spring Festival, family members ge...


Because of the following factors: Apple iPhones are very intuitive and easy to use. They work well and integrate seamlessly with other Apple products, as part of one ecosystem. They look stylish and can act as a fashion stateme...

If you describe someone or something as earthbound, you mean that they do not have very much imagination. 如果你说某人earthbound,你的意思是他们缺乏想象力。


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