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你好! you'rehere 你在这里

you're here 意思就是: 你在这里

你好! “Let me put it this way,we're having sex whether you're here or not." “让我这样说吧,不管你在这里,我们都在做爱。”

you're here with me的中文翻译_ you're here with me 你和我在一起 双语例句 1 I can hardly breathe I need to feel you're here with me. 我几乎无法呼吸,我需要你就在我身旁的感觉。 2 I'm sorry you're here with me instead of roger. 很...

You're here, Singapore 你在这里,新加坡


You Are Not Alone 永远相伴 (你不会孤单) Another day has gone 又一日过往 I'm still all alone 我依然孤单 How could this be 怎会如此? You're not here with me 你不在我的身边 You never said goodbye 你从不说再见 Someone tell me wh...

你要留在这里,在我内心深处。金,不 望采纳

we're here for you 24/7 我们在这里为你24 / 7 we're here for you 24/7 我们在这里为你24 / 7

歌曲名:Glad You'Re Here 歌手:Macy Gray 专辑:Big I'm so happy you're here It's been a long time since I've had you near my dear, Come on inside get away from the cold wind that's blowin, Gonna let you know,that I'm so glad you'r...

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